How Quickly Will My Item Ship?

All items are made to order. Depending on the item and current volume items are usually ready to ship between four days and two weeks. 


Are There A Lot Of Scars/Brands On Your Products?

A lot? No.  Some, Yes.  Full grain vegetable tanned leather is largely considered the best made leather out there, that being said, there are still several different grades of vegetable tanned leather made. The leather we source is the highest grade the tannery offers with fewer and lighter scars with no branding. That being said, the leather is full grain and some scarring can be seen and should be expected.


Do You Do Monograming?

Not at this time.


How Do You Take Care Of Vegetable Tanned Leather?

The leather we use is vegetable tanned bridal leather. This is different than vegetable tanned leather that has not been waxed or oiled. With bridal leather, very little needs to be done to maintain it. It has already been deeply waxed and oiled at the tannery to a level you would be unable to achieve at home. That being said once a year or so you can go over it lightly with a leather wax. To clean, you canuse a little saddle soap or a lightly damp cloth. Always test what you are about to do on a small unnoticeable part to make sure you will like the result. Cleaning or using a product on the leather can often leave it a little darker than it was.


Do You Do Custom Orders?

Not at this time.


Where Are Your Products Made?

All our products are handmade in America.


Why is your bag $300 more  than bag X and $300 cheaper than brand Y?

The primary reason our bags and accessories may be more expensive than some leather bags out there is the quality of materials used. The leather and solid brass hardware we use is not cheap, in fact it is some of the most expensive (and highest quality!) leather and hardware out there. Another reason is the reality of hand making something in the USA versus having a factory make them overseas or in Mexico.

With that said, we take every effort to make our products as affordable as possible. We do this by selling direct to you instead of resellers and keeping our advertising budgets modest. We want everyone who likes our products to have one.


What Is Your Return Policy?

You can read our return policy here.


I Have A Different Question

Great! You can contact us here.